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Tailor Made In- House GxP Training

In-House Training Programs

GDP Training Program

GMP Training Program

 Our "Insight " initiative ; designed to provide a mechanism for provision of high quality, cost-effective GxP education programmes for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology supply chains.

Why send an employee to a conference in another city or even overseas because it looks as if it might be relevant?  "Insight"can bring the experts to your facility to deliver a course which is tailor-made to meet the needs of up to twenty people !

A Typical GDP Training course includes:

  • Regulatory Requirements (EU & US)
  • Warehouse design and maintenance
  • Temeprature mapping & monitoring
  • Incident reporting & CAPA process
  • Self Inspection
  • Recall & Returns management
  • Writing Technical agreements
  • Interactive workshops


Our GMP Training programs will be designed based on your requirements, depending on the nature of your business, you staff knowledge and the markets to which you supply your products.

why send you staff away to generic courses, when you can have exactly what you need at your site, at a fraction of the cost?